Sky Harbor Airport consists of 3 passenger terminals: Terminal 2, Terminal 3, and Terminal 4.

Each of these terminals has its parking garages, shops, services, restaurants, and ground transportation facilities. There is an excellent selection of retail stores in various locations of the terminals. There you can find books and souvenir shops, candy shops, electronics and accessories stores, sunglass hut, clothes, and jewelry shops and more.

There is an ample variety of dining options at the airport, such as Starbucks, Americano's Pizzeria, Blue Burrito, Martini Bistro, Oaxaca, Phoenix All-Star Sports Bar, and Lefty's South Rim Bar & Grill.

Terminal 2

There is a walkway to get to Terminal 2 that connects it from both Terminal 3 and Terminal 4. PHX Terminal 2 hosts boarding gates 1 to 15 (gates C and D).

Terminal 2 consists of ground and upper levels. Ground-level serves arrivals, upper-level host departures. Boarding gates 1 to 15 occupies the upper-level. Services like information desk, kiosk, cafe, and Travelmart is available in the Main Lobby of the terminal.

The terminal serves Continental Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Great Lakes Airlines, Ted, and United Airlines.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 positions boarding gates 15 to 26 and gates A and B. It consists of 3 levels as follows: 1st level is the baggage and ticket counters level. Some services like cafe and food concessions, kids play areas are available there. 2nd, the upper level, is the home to the security checkpoint, and it hosts the boarding gates as well. Services include ATMs, nursing station, pet relief area, shoeshine, food, drink, charging station, and others.

The terminal serves Frontier Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, Northwest/KLM, Sun Country Airlines, American Airlines, and Midwest Airlines.

Terminal 4

Terminal 4 is the largest one in the airport with 86 gates and lots of shops. All international flights occupy this terminal, and it hosts over 80% of the airport passenger flow. The terminal has won many awards, given its features and concessions.

It hosts gate A, B, C and D areas with its concessions and boarding gates A1 - A14, A15 - A30, B1 - B14(Operate American Airlines); B15 - B28(Airlines: Air Canada, American, British Airways, Volaris, WestJet); C1 - C9, C11 - C19, D1 - D8(Only serve Southwest Airlines).

The terminal serves passengers for Air Canada, British Airways, US Airways, Aeromexico, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Westjet.

Terminal 4 consists of 3 levels. The first level is the Arrivals level. You can get services like currency exchange, paging phones, information counters, cafe. 2nd level is the check-in level, and the third one serves departures. Services include food, drink, retail concessions, information counter, paging, and charging stations.