As it is one of the busiest airports in the United States, there is a lot of pressure on the airport. This pressure increases during peak holiday travel periods. To ease this stress, The Phoenix Harbor Airport provides a lot of spaces for parking cars. It also offers discounts on covered garage parking at the terminals. If you want to leave your car at the airport, there are many options for on-airport parking lots.

Cheap Airport Parking

East Economy parking lot and a garage is an official cheap parking lot where you can save a little on the daily rate of $12 maximum for the covered part and $10 for the uncovered portion. West Economy has a $7 daily rate maximum.

More Expensive Parking Lots

There are places close to the airport where you can go directly after you park your car because its within walking distance of the terminal ticketing and gates. The parking garage at terminals 3 and 4 are the busiest parking lots and have the highest daily maximum rates.

There are off-airport companies offering places for parking and giving discounts, but they don't relate to Phoenix Harbor Airport.

Cell Phone Lots

The Cell Phone Waiting Lots at the Sky Harbor Airport represent areas where drivers can wait in their cars, free of charge, while passengers deplane, pick up luggage, and walk out to the curb. Parking in those areas is possible for 30 minutes or less, and you must stay with your vehicle. The electronic boards indicate flight arrivals. Arrival time on the board displays the time when the airplane arrives at the gate. It might take a while for the passengers to deplane, get through the terminal, and retrieve luggage. You can use Cell phone lots in the case of passengers' flight delay because waiting at the curb is strictly forbidden.

One of the cell phone lots is located to the south of the 44th Street PHX Sky Train Station (25 spaces and restrooms, but with no boards or signs about arriving flights), another one is east of Terminal 4 with about 90 areas, and the last one is west of Terminal 2. Each lot provides portable restrooms and a board with flight arrival information.

Garage Parking

If you prefer to meet the passenger inside, you can park in one of the terminal garages. The charge for parking is $4 per hour. Terminal 4 has oversized parking, divided into four zones.

Phoenix Harbor Airport provides a family-friendly parking space in the East Economy parking area and garage. You can find them on the north side of the PHX sky train also at the first level of East economy garages A and B. you should look for signs which indicate these places.

You only have to book online and take a ticket when entering the garage. You will have to present the card and the prepaid parking confirmation to the cashier.

Pick-up and Drop off

If you want to pick up a passenger, you don't have to pay fees if you use the cell phone waiting lots. You can remain there for your passenger before they call you to pick them up why they have picked up their luggage and heading for the curb. Make sure to know if you are going to pick them up from the north side or the south side of the terminal.