Departure Instructions

Go early to the airport: Better to arrive 2 hours early before a flight in the country, and at least 3 hours before an international trip. If you are driving yourself to the airport, you should consider going more early to make sure that you will find a parking space and catch up with your flight.


Before leaving home, check with your airlines to see if there is any delay or any changes in time. Better to call two days before your flight to check with your company, make sure that the name on your plane ticket is analogical with the name on your driver's ID or any other government-issued identification. You must remember to bring your passport for international flights.

Packing the luggage

Avoid packing unique items or things of high value in checked-in luggage. If you plan to carry liquids onto the plane, they must be in 3 ounces’ container or less and packed in a one-quart zip-top bag. They accept Medications, but you must tell the TSA agent about the drugs you have and present them for inspection, declare your insulin pump, or another type of medication you need to carry with you, it's preferred to put all your medicines in your carry-on bag.

Unfortunately, you can't take snacks with you, but you can purchase food and beverages after you pass the checkpoint and you can carry them onto the plane with you, water bottle refill stations are past security.

Passengers with disabilities

Passengers with disabilities who use wheelchairs or mobility devices still need to go through security checkpoints and all other security measures. Still, they, screeners, will inspect and physically screen wheelchairs and scooters.

Security Check

Make sure to check on the current TSA rules and regulations for information about carry-ons as well as the checked baggage to avoid delay in the airport or to be fined by the TSA for carrying items you should not be taking with you.

When you reach the metal detector, you should put your laptop and put it in a separate plastic bin.

Your boarding pass will indicate which security gate you should go through. You will have to take off your shoes, belts, and any metal stuff and put them in a plastic bin.

All kinds of searches can be applied even physical search, including sensitive areas such as breasts and groins, you should approach the screening process with a practical and positive attitude.