Airport Services

Airport chapel

Airport chapel for people of all faiths to use; it is a place of comfort to rest or reach out. The chapel is opened 24-hours on the level 3 in Terminal 4.

Space for pets

The pet space is a particular area for pets to stretch their legs and drink water, and you can find it just east of Terminal 2. Paw pad located outside of terminal 3 on the west end, it is a part of a new west plaza that provides an outdoor area for pets’ relief. You can find the Boneyard on the west side of Terminal 4, level 1, just outside of the baggage claim.


Bank of America ATMs located in T2, before security checkpoints; T3 - before security checkpoints at level 1 baggage claim; after security checkpoint near gate 15.

T4 - before the security checkpoint at Level 1 East End near elevators. At Level 2, West End near Door 22; at Level 3 near Indigenous.

After security checkpoint - Near Gate A1; Near Gate B1, Near Gate C1, Near Gate D1.

Charging stations

The airport has provided charging stations for passengers to charge their electrical devices and get some work done while waiting for their flight at the request of the passengers who are traveling through the airport.

The stations also contain comfortable seating consisting of chairs and tables in the terminal lobbies. The station equipped with outlets and USB ports, so you will be able to sit comfortably and charge your device.

Nursing stations

PHX provides nursing stations in every terminal. They are located pre-and post-security. Within the room, there will be a sink and countertop, a soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, baby changing room, and seating.

Smoking areas

You can only smoke in the appointed outdoor areas. Look for signs.


Strong free Wi-Fi coverage provided in all terminals, most retail areas, restaurants, and near the gates to help passengers browse the internet.

Medical facility

The Phoenix Harbor sky airport has a medical facility and staff trained to deal with urgent situations, and they are certified in the use of Automated Electronic Defibrillators.

Lost and found

The airline companies are responsible for the lost items, and they turned to the lost-and-found office, which is located in an annex building just west of the operations center, between Terminal 2 and 3.

Special Needs Facilities

To make the airport accessible to passengers with special needs, all gates and lobbies are accessible by automatic doors and elevators to enable a relatively smooth movement; there are also wheelchair-accessible telephones and specially-equipped bathrooms.

Telephone booths

Telephone booths located on each level and at baggage claim in all terminals.

Paging Assistance

Passengers can send and receive messages while at the airport through special machines; also, they can send messages that can be displayed on the terminal and broadcast on speakers. You can find fax and photocopy machines at the information desk in the terminals.